Studded tyres. Helpful or harmful?

Choosing between studded tyres and friction tyres seems to be an endless debate. The current hot topic is whether there should be limitations on the use of studded tyres in Helsinki. For any discussion to be constructive and useful, we should look carefully at the effect these options have on traffic safety, the environment and cost. This site is intended to promote discussion and to provide an in-depth picture of the effects of various winter tyres.

Braking distances

See the difference with studded tires and friction tyres.


Fewer studded tyres, more accidents?

How would traffic safety suffer if studs were not used?
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How to get grip without studs?

If studs were not used, would more dusty sand be needed on the streets to improve grip?
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Latest news


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Development of studded tyres is key

Finnish know-how of studded tyres has always been world class. Continuous and purposeful product development ensures a good balance between safety and environmental friendliness.
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Tyres are not the main cause of noise issues

According to research, the main culprit behind traffic noise in cities is the engine, not the tyres. Read more


Fewer studs, higher costs?

Studded tyres lower the costs related to preventing slippery conditions and traffic accidents. Read more

PM10 values in Europe

See the number of days on which PM10 emissions were exceeded.